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Get the latest i-clicker software here:

Reserve a Clicker Set

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) has three clicker kits with 10, 35 and 50 clickers respectively that may be checked out by faculty for University events. You may reserve a set by calling CTE at 333-3370 or by email. The clickers may be picked up and returned to CTE during regular business hours. (Note, any missing or damaged clickers will be charged to you at a rate of $30/clicker).

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How do my students register their i-clickers?

Students should go to the following link to register their i-clickers:

What do I do if a student can't read his/her i-clicker serial number?

Send your student to the Illini Union Bookstore on Wright and Daniels. They can tell the student his/her i-clicker serial number. Just have the student take the i-clicker to the bag check-in and tell them that the i-clicker serial number is missing, and they will help the student. It's quick and easy.

If the student has registered his/her i-clicker in the past but can no longer read/remember the i-clicker serial number, he/she can visit this link and get the i-clicker serial number by suppling some of the information used when registering:

Where can I get the software necessary to use i-clickers in class?

Get the latest i-clicker sofware here : For Windows For Macintosh

When I open up i-grader, I don’t see any names/net IDs. What do I do? (How do I populate my roster?)

To create a course roster:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, locate your class folder. The folder will be located in the iclicker Win/Classes folder either on the i-clicker Flash drive or in the location where you saved the iclicker Win folder.

Note: iclicker Win is the default folder name for the i-clicker software. It is possible that you or an administrator may have changed the name of this folder.

  1. Within the classes folder open the folder for the section that you want to work with. This foler should contain the file Roster.txt.
  2. Open Roster.txt in Notepad or any text editor. Follow the instructions in the Roster.txt file to create the class roster.
  3. If you are using Illinois compass as your course management system, simply export your gradebook as an Excel .csv file, open this file, then copy the students’ net IDs from the User ID column into Roster.txt.
  4. If you still cannot see your students’ net IDs in i-grader, make sure that there is no text in the Roster.txt file other than your student IDs by removing the instructions and example IDs.

How do I export grades from i-grader to compass or excel?

To export your session data:

  1. Open i-grader.
  2. Select Export All Session(s) as csv (Excel) file. Or, if you only want to export certain sessions, check the box next to each session date that you want to export and select Export Selected Session(s) as csv (Excel) file.
  3. If prompted, select the output format that you prefer.
  4. Exit i-grader.
  5. Open the Classes folder, then the folder for the appropriate section, and you will see a file called UploadFile.csv. (Note: In older versions of the software, UploadFile.csv appears in the same folder as the i-grader software.)
  6. This file can be opened with Excel or imported directly into Compass.

Is there a way to get compass and the i-grader software to work together?

Yes. The CMS integrate wizard makes it possible to download your course roster directly from your compass site. The wizard can also upload your session data directly into your compass gradebook. The CMS wizard is currently in development, but a fully-functional beta version of the software can be found here:

CMS Integrate for Windows

For instructions on how to set up the CMS integrate wizard, download the .pdf help document here:

CMS Integrate Wizard Setup Instructions

I have other questions. Where can I get help?

Contact Steve Luke at

Integrate Instructions